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A big movie theater. At home.

The aerolight (WLAN) is ideal for illuminating living areas, objects or furniture. It can also "expand" the field of view of your screen (eg TV) by illuminating the pages. This not only expands the field of vision but also protects your eyes. Of course a different color can be displayed at any time via Bluetooth©. Also a color run per interval time is possible. The transition times (fade / strobe) are also adjustable. The aerolight can be conveniently controlled by smartphone, tablet or PC. & Nbsp; A sleep timer is also included in the scope of functions. The brightness can be varied manually or via sensor, to get a pleasant room light.


If the standard colors are not enough, you can use the "LightPilot" app to call up more colors and even display colors of images that can be loaded into the app. The aerolight can operate with its included power supply up to 10m RGB LED Strip. The device remains extremely compact. More about the aerolight can be found in the Operation Manual.

A single, unique device

The aerolightPro, like the aerolight, has a power supply for up to 10m LED RGB strip. This makes the device extremely compact. If more than 10m of LED RGB strip is required, the MD-PS3 power supply can be used. The aerolightPro has a total of 8 channels, each can operate 15m LED RGB Strip and is via PC or app separately or combined responsive. Functionally, it is in no way inferior to the aerolight, quite the contrary, it includes all the basic functions as well as the aerolight, but it also has a USB port (color mirroring). There are also various lighting effects and special functions.


With the aerolightPro it is also possible to extend the PC's field of vision via USB©, in that the 8 channels of the aerolightPro display the 4 screen quadrants in color. This effect is terrific in games and movies.

Convincing even in standby mode; of the low power consumption does not encourage the device to turn off - so it can be accessed anytime conveniently via mobile phone or PC, and automatically starts when booting the PC to play back the screen colors (if enabled, ColorBoost is required). More about the aerolightPro can be found in the Operation Manual.

Compact and universally applicable

The aerolightCompact technically corresponds to the aerolight, but it offers 2in1. The control and WLAN unit is integrated with LEDs on a compact board. Thus, the aerolightCompact is ideally suited to install it in div. Lamps such as table and floor lamps and normal bulbs against to replace the aerolight Compact. Ideally, it is suitable for the numerous IKEA lamps (eg GRÖNÖ). Due to the 24 high-power 3-color LEDs, the aerolightCompact provides sufficient brightness even for larger lamps at a max. Power consumption of only 2.5 W.


If the standard colors are not enough, you can use the "LightPilot" app as well as normal aerolight to call up more colors and even display colors of images that can be loaded into the app. The aerolightCompact is also supplied with a 12V 2A power supply for the simplest Plug & Play operation. More about the aerolightCompact can be found in the Operation Manual.