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We have an answer for everything.

Which centers are supported?

You can use all our decoders with all available DCC units (MM as well, if necessary). Mixed operation is also possible.

Loco? Turnout address? Where do I put something now? For example, where does the SWD address come from?!?!

Die Antwort ist denkbar einfach.

Locoadress: These addresses are stored in CV1 or CV17/18 and are ALWAYS switched via the function key (F-key).

Accesoiradress: These are always 2 CVs (high byte, deep byte) and are switched by arrow or switch keys. The CV number is manufacturer specific. With us this is started with CV120 in the pair (thus CV120 / 121) in the 5er package. That is, the next turnout address is CV125 / 126, and so on differ depending on the decoder.

For simple decoders (eg EKW (s), MWB, SWD) the address is 120/121. If your desired address is less than 256, simply program it in CV120.

Marklin-Motorola? What can I use?

Some of our modules (eg HDD) also support the Motorola format. But we also have special Motorola turnout decoders on offer.

I have a H0 (or smaller) track. What can I use?

Our digital as well as analogue modules work for EVERY track and digital voltage. All turnout decoders can also switch H0 points (or the other tracks).

Is analogue operation with digital modules also possible?

Of course, all functional and driving decoders also work analogously to the full extent. Div. other modules possibly with limited functionality (eg the MD mXion MFB with its analog shuttle control)

Is the serial MTS I supported?

The then introduced serial pulse chain from LGB was a pure invention of LGB / Massoth. This does not correspond to any standard and is therefore not supported. We recommend switching to a modern central office.

Which digital panels are supported?

All NMRA DCC control units (such as LGB MZS, Massoth, Zimo, ESU, Roco, Fleischmann, Digitrax, Märklin CS, mfx and many more) are all fully compatible with the MD mXion modules. You can use any DCC control panel.

Can I digitally switch old LGB motor drives?

No matter if it's old motor drives, new EPL drives or even the old 3-pole drives. With all our turnout encoders you can switch everything. The MD mXion MDC, on the other hand, is best suited for real motor drives.

No connection to the IP possible - Connection problems with WLAN devices

If you often hear the message "Can not connect to the IP," but the device is turned on, then first make sure if your device is logged in to the home network. If so, perform a cold start. To do this, disconnect the power connection of the device for at least 15 minutes. If this does not resolve the problem, contact MD.

Wi-Fi device set to home network. Apps do not work?

If you have a router change, or your phone changes network, you will need to restart the app and, if necessary, log in to the new network. When network message always restart apps!

WLAN device can not be controlled. What to do?

Before you can use the WLAN-capable MD devices, you must register them in your home network.
To do this, start the device, wait until the LED stops flashing (about 2 min max, do not send anything during this time).
Then start the appropriate app for your device (or MDTerm) and log in your device (network registration). Follow the instructions on the screen.

Windows © applications are not executed directly after the download. Why?

Windows protects itself from downloaded * .exe files. You must approve the execution once. For Windows 8 and above, click "Learn more" and then click "Run anyway."

The app often shows "Unable to connect. Is the device turned on?" at. What to do?

Make sure your device is turned on! Restarting the MD device or "factory setting" does not solve this problem!

1. Some cell phones have problems when they can not connect, then connect. In this case, switch off the Bluetooth © of the mobile phone and then on again (if necessary restart your mobile phone or MD device).

2. If you connect and move farther than 15m away from your device, the connection will be lost. However, the app still shows "Connected" and has a port open. If you are now back in the range of the device and try to send something, this message is also issued. You then need to continue from step 1. Better yet, if you do not want to send anything or move more than 15 meters from your device, disconnect.

3. If you have been connected for a long time and nothing has been sent, the Android © system can use the port Close, the app will still show "Connected". Continue from step 2.

Does the device not work properly?

First, check the power supply, if necessary, switch the device off for 30 seconds. out. For mXion modules, check the cabling.

How can I control my device with my phone?

All you need is the matching MD app. Then you have to connect once with the MD device (so-called pairing). To do this, locate the MD device using the Bluetooth © wizard and connect. The password is always "1207" ex works. For Wi-Fi devices follow the instructions of the app / MDTerm ©