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Living comfort for everyone

The HouseBasic system offers high living comfort for little money. It has been specially developed to be able to control up to two consumers autonomously (depending on the version). The module exists in div. Housing forms - so you can use it as a radio-controlled socket (with or without motion detector). All functions can be activated or deactivated individually. The connection via smartphone or PC via WLAN © offers maximum comfort. Optimal, this module can be used in rental housing, where changes are usually very difficult to realize. Thus, the HouseBasic system in the flush-mounted box version can be easily clamped between the ceiling light, socket, etc ... Simply activate the motion detector and the brightness sensor and the light turns on when moving and with the corresponding brightness. On light switch and a "I've started the light" can now be dispensed with. Of course, the module can also dim all common bulbs. A harmonious dimming and dimming of the light is configurable. The HouseBasic system is ideal for any number of consumers such as sockets, lamps and more. via WLAN switch too can. In the app, all devices can be combined into groups and individually but also switched together. In addition, you have information about the humidity as well as the temperature of each node. Thus, mold can be prevented, as the app as well as the MDTerm tells if it is too dry or too wet. Furthermore, it is possible to activate div. Time functions. The HouseBasic-Boxed offers the possibility to be able to switch by touch as well as the 2 channels and the roller shutter functionality. The surface of the housing is touch-sensitive and can even be used as flush-mounted and thus replace light switches. For details, see the Operation Manual

One house. One control.

The HouseControl system can be considered the big brother of the HouseBasic system. In contrast to many individual devices at every consumption point, the HouseControl is a large central control unit and ideal for equipping an entire house (eg new build) with it. The HouseControl offers all possibilities like the HouseBasic too. Each room receives a dimming or switching card with up to 4 consumers and 2 shutters are controllable. In the app, each card is assigned to a room. There is also the option of integrating 5 "touchscreens, which also have the complete switching scope is available. Also here a switch can be emulated, so that after a certain time the entire touchscreen can switch an associated lamp to bpsw. when entering the room with a touch of the touch screen to turn on or off the main lights. For details, see the Operation Manual