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Sonorous in every environment.

Simple sound module for analog / digital

Das mXion BASIC is a very simple sound module without external memory module. This makes it possible to offer the sound module at an attractive price. As usual, a timer (or via simulation), a potentiometer (or volume adjustable via CV) can be connected to the module and the speaker (4 - 16 ohms) just plug in - Plug & Play. There are several sounds to choose from (see title). The sound files are continuously expanded. Ideal for quickly and easily equipping locomotives with sound. By div. Addition and fun sounds (such as Cola song, Christmas song) ideal suitable for cars and plants. For sound requests you are welcome to contact us. The BASIC is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

Sonorous in every situation

The mXion SX6 modules are the ideal complement to all our DRIVE locomotive decoders and the SSM. It offers the possibility to choose from innumerable, prototypical loc sounds, car sounds, vehicle and system sounds. Thus, the right sound is available for every locomotive, car, system or vehicle sound. The natural sound is particularly realistic and sonorous. For details, see the Operation Manual.