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6 ch. Relaydecoder

The MD mXion RD6 is a 6-channel relay decoder with changeover relay and many setting options. For example, the RD6 can simulate various effects on the relays, time delays can be set or even a state storage which is required for frog polarization. With that he has RD6 a wide field of application. It can not only be used for switching large loads and galvanic isolation of other voltages, but also for switching sidings, frogs or much more. In addition, it can be controlled either by locomotive command or switch command and understands DCC as well also the Motorola format. You can find more information in the Operation Manual.

SUSI Train-Display

The MD mXion ZZA is a SUSI-capable, compact train-destination display which, in terms of its size, fits ideally in lane 1 and lane G vehicles. In addition to 226 selectable station names, the ZZA also has 21 images such as ICE, RE, RhB-Auge etc. 5 free texts with 18 characters each and a total of 5 different railway lines with 15 stations each can be stored can be set. Of course, the contrast can be adjusted, the image rotated and inverted. A special technology enables up to 255 such ZZA displays to be operated on the SUSI. The ZZA is of course 100% SUSI compatible. You can find more information in the Operation Manual.

1-channel servo decoder, servo pluggable

The MD mXion SWD-ED is a powerful single servo decoder for attaching a servo (included). Furthermore, it has a function output with various possibilities (eg flashing when switching the servo). The 5V regulator is already built in, so you can use the servo decoder directly and no further components needed. Switchable via function keys (F-key, locomotive address) as well as turnout address (arrow keys). The end positions and the speed are freely adjustable. The SWD-ED can do many useful functions, such as:

Bells swing (freely adjustable swinging up and down with realistic speed increase or decrease)
Control via the rotary control (eg for cranes)
Teetering as with wing signals (freely adjustable 2-phase rocking)
Control over end positions optionally with end position adjustment

Of course the GLD is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.

2-ch. railway barrier module with sound

The MD mXion KBM is a universal railway barrier module. It has 2 completely independently adjustable servo channels, 2 contact inputs (for analogue or automatic tripping) as well as 2 light outputs for St. Andrews crosses with various adjustable flashing and control times. But the highlight of this compact module is the integrated one Audio playback with the module 4 built-in sounds (DB, DR / HSB / DB alt, RhB / SBB and USA). Here are also div. Setting options such as lay length and much more. adjustable. By div. Adjustable delay times of the servos man can so very close to real life barriers and bring to life. The KBM is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see ther Operation Manual.

turntable-, crossing-, panto-, funicular-decoder

The MD mXion MDC is a universal motor decoder. On the one hand, he can control normal EPL as well as motor and 3-wire switches. At the same time, 4 EPL drives can be directly connected to the motor output. As with the EKW all outputs are invertible and dimmable. In addition to the motor output, the MDC also has 2 contact inputs and 2 function outputs. Thus, depending on the configuration, it can be used as pantograph control (with / without limit switch), for trolleys with engines, ropeway control (eg for RIGI as circulation and pendulum operation), turntable decoder (eg POLA G, direct replacement of old electronics) as well as railway barrier module (eg POLA G). As a railway barrier module, it supports the two function outputs the typical alternating flashing signals of the St. Andrews crosses. The MDC is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

2 Kanal Schrittmotordecoder

The MD mXion DSP is a 2 channel stepper motor decoder for all standard 5V stepper motors. In addition to the 2 motor outputs, the DSP also offers 2 contact inputs for manual or analog triggering as well as 3 switching outputs for digital operation with numerous special functions. In addition to various setting options for the stepper motors and independent triggering of these, it is possible to set the speed and the number of steps for the travel path exactly. In addition to the classic control via the locomotive address, the control also works via Turnout addresses. It is also possible to activate the control via the rotary control with endless rotation (e.g. for cranes). This decoder is ideal for our electric automatic uncouplers and for everything that has to turn and move with precision. The DSP is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

Heyn turntable decoder

The MD mXion HDD is a universal turntable decoder for stepper motors. Ideally, it is suitable for the Heyn turntables. It has 5 function outputs with a wide simulation spectrum, light signal and servo outputs. In addition, a calibration probe input and an integrated, 10A strong reverse loop module to power the turntable. This is the MD mXion HDD an all-in-one turntable solution. The stepper motor can be arbitrary (up to 2A). For Heyn turntables, all values (number of departures, step patterns) are stored and can be selected via CV, which Heyn turntable is concerned. For foreign turntables or self-built turntables, the number of departures as well as the step pattern on div. CVs deposited and optimally adapted. Direction of rotation and special rotation (180 °) as well as segment rotation can be switched via turnout addresses. In addition to DCC, this decoder also supports the Märklin-Motorola format. The HDD is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

Pola-G turntable decoder

The MD mXion PSD is a universal turntable decoder for normal DC motors. Ideally, it is suitable for the POLA-G turntable (Faller GmbH). It can be replaced 1: 1 against the existing electronics, has an on-board LED and another function output with a wide range of simulation options (the same applies to the integrated LED). The decoder can be controlled via turnout addresses (driving / direction change). The button will continue to be used as in the previous electronics for switching off the output. It is also possible to use the decoder in full analogue to operate with buttons, switches, LGB Stell / consoles or the enclosed box. The decoder is rounded off by a 10A strong reverse loop module for supplying the turntable and a board for the adaptation of grinders to supply the turntable for safe contact without the contact springs. This makes the MD mXion PSD an all-in-one turntable solution. The motor output can be loaded up to 2A. The PSD is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

SUSI adapt module

The MD mXion SSM SSM is a universal SUSI converter. This makes it possible SUSI modules of any kind without accessories, locomotive decoders or similar. operated directly on the track. This works in the same way as digital in full, so that also an analog sound module with the SSM and, for example, a IntelliSound 4 can be made. The SSM fully supports the IntelliSound (volume control via POTI, REED, clock (internal / external) as well as speaker connection). Driving curves and much more can be set in the digital as with any locomotive decoder. In analog, the speed for that Sound module calculated as a function of the applied voltage. Here, too, all sound (starting, rolling, accelerating, brake squeal, etc.) can be heard. Of course, for example, SUSI evaporators can be operated at the SSM, so locomotives, cars and buildings with sound, evaporators and more. equip. This is moreover ideal for plant sounds. The SSM is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  


The MD mXion GVS is a universal pulsed evaporator control. This can be operated for all available evaporators as well as for self-construction as well as in digital, analog or SUSI mode. The GVS works with external clock (transmission, decoder) or via clock simulation. This clock can also be spent become. In addition, the operating mode is adjustable (diesel, steam). All functionalities (cycle time of the fan, start, roll, acceleration and travel speed of the fan) can be adjusted and work analogue, digital and in SUSI mode. In analogue mode, the load regulation and the fan speed control function intelligent voltage measurement. From about 7V is transferred from the state in the driving mode. Fan and heating element can be connected separately to the decoder and adapted (for example, dimmed). For analog operation, a 5V heating element and a 5V fan is required. Of course the GVS is 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.  

Point heater potted, weatherproof

The MD mXion WHZ is a universal turnout heater suitable for all turnout makes. Various internal monitoring mechanisms ensure that there is no damage to the plastic of the sleepers or overheating. The electronics are digital or analogue (with any voltage) used. In the digital one can optionally switch the automatic system manually or activate, that the temperature is kept. CV can be used to set the upper and lower temperatures. If the temperature drops below the low temperature, the heater will switch on and heat until the overtemperature is reached. Thus, will normal operation no further electricity needed. During heating, current consumption can be up to 3A for the heating period. The WHZ is of course 100% NMRA-DCC compatible. For details, see the Operation Manual.