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Aktuelle Neuigkeiten aus unserem Haus

State 11.05.2023

  • Update for 30Z version 1.1.8. Correction DCCext + settings menu also via PC

  • Update MZSpro various corrections + DCCext integration

  • Chassis for 2 axes cars g scale available

  • 6 new lamp types in preparation

State 07.04.2023

  • Update for LSS-Sh12, V. 1.2 DCCext commands introduced

  • Sh12 Dwarf Signal V. 1.2 DCCext commands introduced

  • LSD Decoder V. 1.4 DCCext commands introduced

  • RhB dwarf signal V. 1.1 DCCext commands introduced

State 16.03.2023

  • New product: DDR RSL TYP1 lamp gray + blue HSB

  • New product: Train tail lamps with LED US and EU type

  • NNew product: G-gauge trolley frame

  • New version for 30Z 1.1.7 DCCext integration, bug fixes

  • New version for DRIVE-XL decoder Smart-Start function

State 23.01.2023

  • Novelties 2023 + catalog published

  • New product: panto control for DSP

  • New product: DUAL evaporator with separate cylinder steam

  • New product: PZB system for IR transmission

  • New version for CV Programmer 1.4.3 with SUSI BiDi

  • New version for DRIVE decoders with SUSI BiDi integration

State 14.12.2022

  • Become an audio engineer! Create your own SX6 sound projects

  • New version for CV Programmer 1.4.1

State 08.11.2022

  • General restructuring of naming and website

  • Placer change in progress - delays possible

  • Update mXionTool available. Correction of own DCC commands

  • Update 30Z to V.1.1.5 with improvement mXionTool connection with other USB protocols

  • Update CV Programmer V.1.4.0 with SUSI BiDi integration for PZB system

  • Novelty DR mushroom head lamp delivered

  • DRIVE Decoder Update to V.1.6 Correction Poti integration