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The right color at any time

The smartlight is the smart light that adapts to your life. After configuration of the WLAN interface and thus or successful time synchronization, the smartlight displays a harmonious color depending on the time of day. Of course you can see the colors and color times via PC or Conveniently configure your smartphone. You can also retrieve any color via smartphone or PC at any time, configure it yourself (colors from any photo, for example) or start a color run. In addition, 3 colors can be configured by yourself and stored permanently on the device. This is perfect for your favorite colors. The 3 colors can be overwritten at any time.


Another special feature are the lighting effects, which are supported by a sound. So you can select chimney effects (fire), water and forest sounds with harmonically faded colors to match the sound. These sounds incl. The colors are used for harmonic calming and offer an extraordinary effect. Another special feature is that you can easily change the sounds using MDTerm. Thus, you can also play your own sounds.


Due to the low power consumption, even in standby mode, you do not need to turn off the light; so not only does it have the current time permanently, but at night you can find the toilet by the specially developed "night blue", without the light while sleeping to be blinded. The non-contact hand-held sensor makes it possible to switch the light on and off even without a smartphone or PC. You can then show at any time the color you had last visited. The clock mode is retained as long as the lamp is connected to the mains. In case of power failure must The smartlight reconnect to the Wi-Fi network and retrieve the information from there. All other settings are retained.

For details, see the Operation Manual.